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Beaches & Beer Are Calling Your Name in Tampa, Florida — Em’s On The Road

Having grown up on a tiny island on the Georgia coast, I will always have an affinity f

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▷ Moving to Barcelona: Tips, All You Need To Know & My Story! ◁

So you’re thinking of moving to Barcelona, a city of incredible beauty, traditions, innovation,

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Urban Adventures City Tours: The Best Day Tour Company – Clumsy Girl Travels

Day tours have always been my favorite way to explore the places I travel too. [Read More]

Expat living: Four expat challenges and how to overcome them

Whether you have secured the job of your dreams in a location you have always wanted to live, or are [Read More]

Discovering The Lost City, Colombia | Anny’s Adventures

Ever since I first arrived in Colombia I had always wanted to visit and explore The Lost City, I

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