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How the Pandemic Changed Self Healthcare – The Healthy Voyager

Since the pandemic, more people realize their bad health habits.

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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants – The Healthy Voyager

Indoor plants are very beautiful and elegant but require a lot more care like the outdoor ones.

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A Quick Guide To Skincare To Enhance Your Natural Beauty – The Healthy Voyager

Enhancing your natural beauty is so much easier when you have the best skincare routine.

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The 5 Least Visited Countries In Europe — @iamfoodietraveler

Travelers choose different criteria when picking a holiday destination.

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#5 | How We Receive Packages And Have Internet On The Road by Are We There Yet? • A podcast on Anchor

In this episode, Ben & Nikki share how they receive packages on the road.

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My Personal Life And Instagram Have Nothing In Common — @iamfoodietraveler

My life and Instagram have nothing in common

When my account got viral a few years ago,

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A No-BS Self Care List for the Revolution — frame ambition

I have some thoughts about ‘self care’ as an industry, a trend, an internet buzzword, f

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