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Aínsa, la joya medieval de los Pirineos – Descubrir

Nos gustan las montañas y la nieve, nos gustan los castillos y las leyendas, nos gustan las plaz

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Museums in Italy: 20 Awesome Choices | Alex on the Map | Authentic Travel

Living in Italy gave me a chance to see some amazing works of art, architecture, sculptu

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Cómo superar el mal de altura – Descubrir

El mal de altura, también conocido como mal agudo de montaña (MAM), es sencillamente la falta de

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The Ultimate Guide to Riding Amtrak to New York | Alex on the Map Authentic Travel

When I first decided to head from Montana to New York, my first thought wasn’t to take Amtrak.

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There’s a Grasshopper in My Pants | Gluten Free Destinations

As frightened as I am of bugs, I do admire cicadas (from a distance).

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