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Travel to Northwestern Colorado – Episode 724 – Amateur Traveler

Hear about a road trip to Dinosaur National Monument and Rocky Mountain National Park as the Ama

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Musée en Inde: découvrez l’histoire des musées et le Soneri Mahal

Quand vous voyagez en Inde, vous verrez beaucoup de musées.

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Wildlife sanctuary in India: discover the Lonar lake, third biggest crater

Lonar Lake is a salt lake located in Lonar in the Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India.

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Mughal garden: Himayat bagh, the imperial garden of Aurangabad

There is a constant among all the great Mughal emperors, the gardens.

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Jardin Moghol: Himayat bagh le jardin impérial d’Aurangabad

Il y a une constante chez tous les grands empereurs Moghols, les jardins.

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