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Celebrating the festival of Love and lights at Varkala

Solo tripping during Deepavali has somehow been a ritual that has caught on to me since 2015. [Read More]

Un regalo original de Navidad para descubrir España – Descubrir

Se acerca el final de octubre y eso solo significa una cosa: quedan menos de dos meses para la N

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The Mis-adventurous trip to Haflong

As I had mentioned in one of my previous stories about my first solo trip, I had tagged along with t [Read More]

10 Mistakes First-Time Solo Travelers Make – Nina Out and About

After being grounded for over 7 months, I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking back on my s

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Descubriendo Moguer, el pueblo de Juan Ramón Jiménez – Descubrir

“Platero es pequeño, peludo, suave; tan blando por fuera, que se diría to

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Hallucinogens and Heat: A Brief Guide to Eating in the Maldives

Beaches, at least while I’m traveling solo, are somewhere near the bottom of the list of priorit

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What Type of Solo Traveller Are You? – Nina Out and About

Looking to find out what type of solo traveller you are?

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¿Qué es el cepillo en seco?


Read in English

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