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Where to Eat in Sevierville, Tennessee || The Diner — Trippin’ Southern Style

When we travel, we’re always looking for fun places to stop in for a bite.

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Where to Stay Near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge — Trippin’ Southern Style

When we were looking for a place to stay in Sevierville, Tennessee, we fell in love wit

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Dinokeng Game Reserve : Should you visit?

Dinokeng Game Reserve Day Visit :  Pros and cons My bush cravings were getting serious so on Women’s [Read More]

Best Bakery in Helen, Georgia || Hofer’s Bakery — Trippin’ Southern Style

While we were in Helen, we couldn’t pass up the chance to stop into a staple of this li

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Drive-In Rave During A Pandemic

Three months into the Coronavirus pandemic, with concerts and festivals slowly being canceled th

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The EV Revolution -The future of road trips, our lives and the auto industry

The EV Revolution is not something in the distant future, it is upon us right now.

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California has been on quarantine lockdown since March 13th, 2020, and as travelers who were luc

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